Connecting To Who You Truly Are-The Process

Everything you think, expect or understand comes from your memory of the past.  Tesla Code Secrets  This is a survival system that you develop from birth. Many of the events that take place after your birth are recorded in your memory. These experiences may be either positive or negative. An example of a negative experience maybe falling off a tree, an example of a positive experience may be learning to ride your first bike. We have a huge stock of experiences that are accumulated in our subconscious.

This process of memory is correlated with your physical need to survive. Without memory you would not know where to go, what to do, or what to avoid. So the brain is constantly recording in order to survive. This is why knowledge is considered to be powerful.

This is also the case with the animal. The animal if in a threatening experience will record sounds or smell, and if they come upon this in the future they will immediately be on alert. However the animal leans more towards physical memory for physical survival, where as the human takes the inherited need for physical survival into the psychological realm, as in protecting ones psychological identity.

So as you can see the first years in a human’s life are very important. To understand oneself it is important to see the fact of your existence, sure you may have ideas, judge it, but all in all without memory or your experiences your identity would cease as you know it. You think the way you do because of it. All this is psychology, but one does not need a degree to understand the logic of it or to see it in action everyday. These experiences build up an image of who you are and this self image dictates your life as you know it.

To begin to understand this is to begin to understand you. When understanding anything you are not drawing conclusions, you are observing the facts as they arise. Life is not stagnant, yet we try to solve the changing challenges of life with a fixed solution. Understand yourself by simply observing the facts. Find out the truth of who you are, because the truth will set you free.