Mind With Mindful Affirmations

Success Happens is the name of a new Tesla Code Secrets  book that focuses on how to make a success out of anything that you undertake. The delicious irony of the book’s title does not go unnoticed because in truth success does not just merely happen. The path to success is fraught with distractions and blind alleys. It takes great determination, a serious amount of self belief and self confidence, and an unswerving attitude to stay on target in order to ensure that success happens for real.

His book, Success Happens, is the second of a series of books that the great man has written, designed to help those of you who seek to grow in stature and confidence, and to experience for yourself the sweet bouquet of success.

Success Happens follows on from Dr. Tom’s first publication in this, the Dare to Dream series. Whereas in the first book Dr. Tom expounded the necessary traits that you need to develop and the mindset that you must employ, in this second book you are shown how to make best http://teslacodesecretsreviews.com/ use of these characteristics to find the secret of success. Once you’ve found it, you will never let it go again.

There is an old saying that “nothing breeds success like success itself”, and it is true. Once you unlock the secret, you won’t be able to stop being a success. Owning Success Happens, the book, is rather like having your own personal fitness coach, or better still, your own private mentor, and the great thing is that you can take as much or as little time as you like. You are your own boss and you call the shots and set the targets and the speed with which you strike out to achieve them.